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3 min readOct 17, 2021

I haven’t posted a little more time but my customers say “ I want to know your philosophy for design and what you think about clothes “ so I think to write an article about my design.

Today, this is my greeting.

English version will be posted in this Medium but Japanese version will be in note.

I started design when I was 43 years old with sewing machine study and my first work is “ Samurai Mode Series “ that is Japanese Wa – 和 – Mode style by 3 piece seems kimono.

Many many customers support us and finally I got awards in Italy and Hong Kong so I started my career as a designer.

The reason why I started my fashion brand “KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO” as a designer is to make the place where I work with my son with moderate mental retardation and. autism in the future.

( I need a long time to talk the detail about that so will write it another time. It connect to the story about Charity project to make the job for welfare center now under process. )

Why the motif is kimono ?

It has 2 reasons.

First one is , as I wrote above, to make the place to work with my son with disability , to make job both in Japan and world.

Second one is,

My late mother loved kimono and I found her kimono and also old kimono for my father in her belongings. When I found them, I thought I want to wear kimono but I couldn’t do kitsuke well, special technique to wear kimono. In addition, modern daily life is super busy and it doesn’t have opportunity and place to go wearing kimono. The climate is changed and hotter compared with the past. While bring up a child or caregiving, it’s hard to wear / make a time to wear kimono in those busy life. So I thought “ Can I make the kimono style clothes that we can enjoy in daily life ? ” and began to study a pattern and sewing. This is the beginning of it.

Through the study about kimono and sewing, I got to know about situation of those business world. It gives me strong decision that protect the working environment of sewing factory and tradition of kimono.


I introduce myself,

I am a designer that make clothes for people loving kimono, want to wear kimono someday, can wear kimono but not have enough time to wear in daily life.

My style is Japanese Wa – 和 – Mode that particular about material and silhouette. ( I also like Japanese-Gothic style and Japanese-Lolita style too , not only Japanese-Mode style. )

I love to seek to how recreate the joy of kimono by clothes, I end up thinking of that everyday.

I plan to make traditional kimono ( Nagagi ) in my version.

From now on,

I will open my design process, photoshooting with people like KUDEN clothes to make the phonebook about Japanese Wa Mode, Japanese and Western mixed style.

If you have interests, follow and check my article.



Takahiro Sato



Tak / Fashion designer

Consolation match by Entrepreneur went bankrupt and almost die before. Now challenge to make the place to work with my disable son living apart. FashionDesigner