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【Thoughts for Charity】”Getting help from Japanese culture by Japanese animator, comic artist, illustrator and voice actor , I want more people to know the activity of Japanese welfare center for people with disability.”

Hello everyone.

I’m a fashion designer and CEO of KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO.

I write my thoughts for my charity that just start in Japan.

( I plan to lunch the crowdfunding for all over the world )

In my bachelor days, I experienced that handled the employment of disabled people in some toy company.

After that, I got married, have s son and knew that he has a moderate mental retardation and autism.

I accepted that fact without upset, maybe because of my experience.

Affected by 2008 financial crisis, also my company went bankruptcy and divorced. I was really bad business owner.

To my son now living apart, I can’t what I can do as a common father.

I was depressed, my mind went blank, lose control of myself.

But I realized “No matter how much I cry, my son never be happy”and made my mind to make the place where work with my son in the future.

Those bad middle aged man began study about fashion design like pattern with sewing machine and also about keepsake kimono that my mother passed away loves.

With the hope that it will be the trigger that people in the world wear kimono, I made my first clothes.

It’s a Next kimono = Samurai Mode Series.

Why to the world?

Why kimono motif?

I make the place where work with my son.

His life continue after I pass away.

Keeping stable employment is difficult if the business expands only in Japan that population get decreasing due to decreasing birthrate and aging population.

So I have to expand my business to the world too.

My brand is latecomer in fashion business world so I decide to go to the world from the beginning.

It’s high wall but I challenge.

Then, coronavirus crisis is coming.

Shipping service by Japan Post to the world stopped.

I couldn’t ship my product to the customer in the world.

So I did first crowdfunding in Japan and they support&cheer.

And here I am, KUDEN is.

At that time, I heard that the welfare center that support for continuous employment Type A / B service face the difficulty in this crisis.

I still can’t come true that making the place work with my son, it means the employment of the disabled people, but I want to do what I can do for now.

So I decide I become a promoter of a charity.

I got many support and finally reach to here, announce the charity.

In this about 5 months, I spent a very immensely dense time for a ready.

I touch many many warm heart, I get to know again I’m not only who support someone but receive support.

I really think that I want to put your warm support and heart to my work, novel and voice drama as a theme of the story.

In those hard days,

I, dad to you my son, do my best to make fun and bright charity!

This is a first step for my dream that make a place where work with my son with autism and moderate mental retardation in the future.

Even after I pass away,

To the future

My son with disability and your child can live with happiness.

Keep doing my best to make success the charity with my staffs.

Can you give me your hand?

Appreciate for your cheers.


Fashion Designer




Tak / Fashion designer

Consolation match by Entrepreneur went bankrupt and almost die before. Now challenge to make the place to work with my disable son living apart. FashionDesigner